Arrowpeak Lodge

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Arrowpeak Directions

Directions to Arrowpeak Lodge

For You Own Safety….

Please do not use any GPS device or other mobile mapping device to attempt to find the Arrowpeak Lodge. The directions you may receive from these are not 100% reliable and in many cases you will end up taking an unsafe mountain pass or you will have to drive into and thru the creek numerous times. DO NOT TAKE THE GAP ROAD.

Directions from Great Falls:

Directions: Take 10th Ave South east out of town. It turns into US-89 S /MT 200 E as you leave Great Falls. Continue to follow it for 3 miles. Turn Left onto Hwy 228 towards Highwood. Travel 12 miles on Hwy 228 until you reach the intersection of Hwy 228 & 331. Stop at the intersection and continue STRAIGHT onto the gravel road. Follow the gravel road for 10 miles until you reach a “Y” in the road. Look for the Arrowpeak Sign and take at RIGHT at the “Y.” Follow that gravel road six miles. Cross the bridge and the Arrowpeak Lodge is about 1/4 mile up the hill.


Directions from Billings:

Take the highway towards Great Falls. About 30 miles east of Great Falls you will pass the Armington Junction/Rest Stop on your right side. Continue on the highway and go up a large hill. At the top of the hill – there is a turnoff to the town of Belt. Turn right and drive into Belt. Go past the Belt Grocery Store and at the intersection yield slightly to the left. Once done, you will pass the Belt Valley Bank on your right side. Continue through the residential area and head into the country for about seven-eight miles. Along the way you will pass a large church on your right side. You will come to a 3-way intersection. Turn Right on to the gravel road. From there it is 16 miles to the Arrowpeak Lodge.


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